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Giada Rossi

Giada Rossi

Padua (PD), Italy


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Abstract art - Obsession by RGiada


Abstract fantasy art - Phoenix rising by RGiada


Spiritual art - To purify your mind and soul by RGiada


Abstract fantasy art - Reverence by RGiada


Jewellery design - Silverblue mandala by RGiada


Spiritual art - Wheel of Dharma by RGiada


Fractal fantasy art - The Bouquet by RGiada


Bluegreen therapy art - Serenity mandala by RGiada


Spiritual art - Orange energy by RGiada


Optimistic art - Rhapsody in yellows by RGiada


Surreal art - Bounce along by RGiada


Spiritual art - Mandala of protection by RGiada


Quo the poser - photograph by RGiada


Optimistic art - A gift of joy by RGiada


Serendipity art - Almost kissing by RGiada


Fantasy art - Birth of a planet by RGiada


Spiritual art - Diaphanous moods mandala by RGiada


Fantasy art - Wishing upon a star in a green night by RGiada


Soothing art - The flower of Good by RGiada


The Temple in my heart - spiritual art by RGiada


Love goddess - fantasy art by RGiada


Gold waste - abstract art by RGiada


Born to travel in time - fantasy art by RGiada


Svadhisthana chakra mandala - spiritual art by Giada Rossi


Welcoming autumn - still life by Giada Rossi